The Point

There are a lot of words on this site already that talk about what and who Guerilla Labs is as a company. I won’t belabor those thoughts here (there will be plenty of time for belaboring later). I do, however, want to talk about this blog and its purpose.

Why a blog?

General consensus says that blogs as we knew them are dead — that the golden age has past. Twitter is the primary means of communication in our industry. There is a Tumblr site for every micro-niche imaginable. Everyone and their mother is on Facebook.

It’s all been said by people smarter than me. It’s all been done by people better than me. This is the general vibe I get from many of today’s web workers. I don’t like it and I don’t like where I’ve succumbed to the trap. Sure, it has been said, but not by me. And that’s kind of the point — I just need to say things.

And I don’t care if you read this (well, maybe a little) because it isn’t for you. This is a place for me to work through the thoughts that rattle around in my head, to document great discoveries and triumphs, and to talk about the things that make Guerilla Labs such a great team to work with.

And if you happen to get something out of it, even better.

Everything I say won’t be “right” and I’m tired of waiting until I know my ideas are right before I share them. I trust that ideas and techniques will be sharpened over time.