I have a lot of people to thank for their role in this journey. Tops on that list is my wife, who has been very supportive along the way, willing to participate in every sacrifice with me, and eager to have me at home more frequently. If you’re married, you simply can’t be successful in an endeavor like this without being on the same page with your spouse.

There are a circle of friends who have supported me and bailed me out along the way. Nick, with whom I sat and dreamed up Guerilla Labs, Woody, Justin and Tom: you’ve all been true friends, and I wouldn’t be alive and in one piece without you. These are the guys who keep me sane by swapping gifs and jokes on Slack while I sit alone in my office. Thank you.

I keep finding that the web industry is full of some really insightful and genuinely kind individuals. As I got close to launch, I began seeking advice from some people I admired. Noah Stokes and Jonathan Christopher were both very generous with their time and encouraged me at a time when I badly needed it. Thank you, gents.

And finally, a big big thanks to those who took a chance on me, especially Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain, Jason Santa Maria, Katel LeDu, Matt Blanchard, Jeff Schram, and Jeremy Mansfield.

I love you all.