We live and breathe web design, development, and strategy. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than serving the people and businesses we’re lucky enough to get to work with.

Most web agencies spend a lot of time bidding on big contracts, but are often unavailable after you launch that new, shiny site. Many freelancers will do the hourly maintenance work you have, but may not be around enough to really get to the heart of what your business is trying to achieve.

Guerilla Labs wants to be something different. We want to come alongside existing teams and businesses to help them do the things online that they might not have the time or skills to do – things that we can do really well. When it doesn’t make sense to hire someone full time, you can hire us for a month, one week every quarter, or just a few days here and there.

Of course, you may really just need help launching that new site or taking care of a couple of minor issues. We’re happy to help there, too.

What’s in a name?

A selective summary of Wikipedia’s definition of Guerilla warfare would be “a form of warfare in which a small group, using tactics such as extraordinary mobility, strike a vulnerable target and withdraw almost immediately.” This is such a great parallel to how we see Guerilla Labs’ work on the web. We get in, help a team with a feature or site and get out of the way.

“Guerilla” means “little war” in spanish. Large redesigns are the norm in our industry, but we believe continuous improvement is the true path to success online. Call it “slow and steady”, call it a “realign”, call it “little war” – we believe in making websites better one feature at a time.

Guerilla Labs is the special forces of web design.

Our values

Our first principles are focus, flexibility, passion, education, and craftsmanship, which translate into some specific practices in our work:

Who is Guerilla Labs?

We’re a small, distributed team led by Jacob Fentress, who founded Guerilla Labs with over a decade of experience on the web – working for small non-profits, large internet retailers, and a lot of things in-between.

We think it is important to live balanced lives because people deliver their best work when they are happy. Work is great, and we strive to deliever excellent work – and we’ll work hard to deliver it – but family, faith, and personal health are far more important to us.

We care deeply about helping people, and would be honored to answer questions you might have – even if you aren’t a client. Just contact us.

Services Offered